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Since the year 2004, Indian idol has become one of highest rated shows on television. Auditions for this talent hunt are usually announced at least two months before the shows starts airing on television. For becoming indian idol contestants, aspirants have to go through various stages. The format of the show has been taken form an American show and this has been adapted in several countries. First participants have to register themselves online. Some participants are lucky and they can get a chance to audition directly if the show anchors find them some good singers when they are on a tour. Some contestants are selected through radio channel auditions and they may not have to stand in the lines on the main day of auditions.

After the auditions in most cities, indian idol participants are shortlisted after judges announce names of the participants who go for the piano round that is held in Mumbai. In Mumbai, the contestants can be grouped or sometimes formed in pairs and people from different parts of the country may have to sing together. Many aspirants feel that this is not a good way to judge people but the format of the show has usually stayed like this. From these groups and pairs at least twenty to forty contestants advance to the next stage. From that stage audience voting comes into play and viewers get to decide about the fate of contestants.

Whichever candidate gets more votes stays in the show. After this round is cleared, around fifteen contestants make it to the final round. During this time their stay is arranged by the channel in a fine luxury hotel and the final fifteen or thirteen contestants, stay there until they are eliminated. This program is telecasted two days in a week. One day is kept for performance and the second day is kept for eliminations. Sometimes, after eliminations singers have to give a performance again.

Many times some eliminated or losing candidates have blamed the voting system of being unfair, yet this show has only emerged as a forerunner in musical shows and the response it receives makes every contestant a winner. Most boys and girls who have come on Indian Idol have carved a niche for themselves and they are usually absorbed in the film and pop music industry.


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