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Indian Idol Format

The Indian Idol format is adapted from the famous world-wide show Pop Idol format.

Entry Procedure for Indian Idol

Interested participants can participate in the Indian Idol show by registering themselves in the Regional auditions via phone and have to complete the show application form which is available at the venue of the audition conducted in your regional area.

The Theatre Audition Round

Out of all the application forms received, final 100 contestants are selected and invited for the next competition round that is conducted in Mumbai. The Final 100 will be invited to participate in the next round of the Competition to be held in Mumbai. After they participate in the Theatre Audition round, the contestants are notified by the show organizers as to who is selected for the next round of the singing competition. As many as 30 contestants are selected for the next round that is Piano shows round by the show judges.

The Piano Shows

The final selected 30 contestants are further divided into three teams each comprising of 10 contestants. Among the contestants, only 11 are selected for the next round, the spectacular round through public voting. The rest 19 contestants can try their luck by participating in ‘Wild Card Round’. Only one contestant is selected to participate in the next round by the public through voting process.

The Spectacular

The selected twelve final contestants will participate in the Spectacular round and compete with the other contestants. The show will run through 12 weeks, each week will see a contestant eliminated through public voting from the show until there are only two contestants, the finalists of the competition left.

Grand Finale

When there are only 2 contestants, rarely three and only once four finalists left in the show, and then a Grand Finale is organized. The finalists are asked to sing a song, which is specially awarded and later included in the debut single record of the winner contestant. In some countries, this song phase is not included anymore. The Indian Idol format for the different seasons is similar and does not vary much from the previous season show.


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